Detailed Design & Engineering Consultancy

With a team of engineers who are experts in renewable energy domain, we provide you a optimum solar design and engineering solution that minimizes losses, and maximizes yield. We make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

The design of your solar plant is extremely crucial to maximize returns from your investment. Our optimize engineering solutions help improve plant efficiency, control losses and maximize power generation.

Our designing process takes into consideration shading, local climates, pollutants and weather patterns, that have an important factors on plant’s power generation.

During implementation, our experts assist you with identifying the ideal site, selecting appropriate technology to ensure maximum yield from plants and easy to maintain and hassle-free.

Site Analysis

team of experts visits the site to analyze the ground conditions and collect relevant data on key parameters that determine the feasibility of the site. We check the main prime parameters as radiation data, soil data, shadow analysis, water availability, grid connection parameters, local climatic parameters etc.

Site Survey

Our survey specialist team visits the site and performs detailed contour and topographic survey work to identify and map existing site and existing features on the site. (i.e. trees, buildings, streets, pathway, boundary wall, manholes, utility poles, underground utilities, pond etc.). We use the latest technologies (Total Station Machines and Drones) for detailed engineering topographic surveying and contouring.

Technology Selection

Selecting the most appropriate technology plays a important role in building up a successful project. We perform a detailed analysis and market scan of the latest technologies available to find the right fit for the project. This helps to ensure high quality, easy access, efficient support and low cost of installed equipment.

GFC Drawings

We provide detailed engineering drawings on every aspect of the solar PV power plant to facilitate appropriate commissioning. We follow Indian standards code and international standards. Our drawings are detailed and accurate which makes it easy to understand and implement the design on site.

Solar Site Survey

We do proper site survey using the latest technology instruments like Total Station, Drone/Aerial Mapping for Ground/Building Roofs/Industrial sheds in order to avoid any kind of discrepancy in between actual condition of site and considering in designing and to get optimized & best utilization of space for better generation to stay ahead of the competition. Our survey expert team performs detailed contour and topographic survey work to identify and map existing site and existing features on the site. (i.e. trees, buildings, streets, pathway, boundary wall, manholes, utility poles, underground utilities, pond etc.).

We also provide site visit services for engineering data collection (manual) of solar rooftop sites. In Mechanical site survey, collect all building dimensions including obstruction with dimensions & position on roof, water tank, roof access detail etc. In respect of industrial shed we also collect sheet profile detail, position of lighting sheet, air vents, purlin, roof access etc.

In Electrical Site survey, collect best possible rout for DC cable, AC cable, earth strip and location for equipment mounting & earth pit. Collect detail data regarding client HT Breaker size, transformer capacity, interconnection LT Panel & spare feeder availability or vacant cubicle.

Installation & Commissioning

We believe in quality components, good design and quality installation to maximizing power generation and return on investment, year on year.

We provide complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (Installation & Commissioning) services for our customers seeking to construct solar power plants. The highly skilled and dedicated team to ensure the completion of solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance.

We have enriched experience in design, installation and commission of high-capacity power plants across the country. We have the experience and expertise of installation and commissioning rooftops as well as ground-mount solar power PV plants.

Our stringent quality checks iron out any aberrations that may exist at the stage of implementation, thereby reducing future cost of maintenance and increasing generation.

Project Management Consultancy - Owner's Engineering

As an Owner's Engineer, we work as your technical consultant to make sure that you get the maximum output of your proposed solar system, so that you get better return from your investment.

We assist you from site selection to up till successful project commissioning including project feasibility, financial analysis, bid process management, vendor finalization and supervision of project execution up till successful project commissioning. As an Owner's Engineer We assist you in the following areas:

  • Site Assessment and Suitability Study
  • Feasibility Study & Detailed Project Report
  • Tender Specification
  • Bid Evaluation and Finalization
  • Vendor Selection
  • Design Review
  • Field Engineering & Project Management
  • Operation and Maintenance Support

Solar Plant Audit

Periodic performance assessment of Solar PV power plant is necessary to accurate analysis of the real state of operation of the solar PV power plant and the identification of possible defects or any irregularities that may exist. We performs plant audit of existing operational plants and analyze real-time performance as per IEC 62446.

Our engineering team performs a physical Inspection of plant, array level testing, assessment of DC cable management, earth resistivity test, thermal imaging of PV modules & equipment’s, assessment of the dustiness of the surfaces of solar modules, measurements of volt-ampere characteristics of solar modules, assessment of the condition of module mounting structures, fasteners and connecting elements , other standard and specific tests. We also perform verification of all types of technical data, drawing & document.

We provide detailed technical report with an expert opinion and advice on eliminating existing and potential defects.

Pre-Dispatch Inspection of Module Mounting Structure

Module mounting structure has high likelihood of quality and performance issues which may lead to complete plant failure, so it is essential to have MMS pre-dispatch inspection at factory level to complete the project within the tight schedule. With a team of engineers who are experts in module mounting structure we provide pre-dispatch inspection service for module mounting structure.